Create a video rendering app with Remotion

In this course you'll learn how to set up an app with Remotion with a customizable template and server-side rendering.

Under construction ⚠️


My name is Marcus, and I've been using React since 2015 (more than 7 years!). But for even longer I've loved film, animation and making video. I even ran a videography business while at university!

With Remotion I can combine my React skills, learned from years of app development (serving millions of users), with my love for animation.

In this course I want to share my React, Remotion and web development knowledge with you. We'll make an app that is a good starting point for a custom video rendering service.

I'm planning and writing the course sections right now, and I'll share updates with the RemotionKit mailing list. This includes drafts of the course's contents.

In each of the updates you'll be able to reply with your feedback which will influence what I'll include in the course.

I hope you want to follow along, and I look forward to hear from you!


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